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Trillium is a nonprofit organization.

To keep our tuition free, and maintain our high standards for education, we depend on fundraising and donations. We hope that all of our families (and other interested parties) do what they can to support us, in this season of giving. If you would like to donate to Trillium, you may do so here. Donations to 501(c)3s, like Trillium, are tax deductible expenses. Our tax ID is 93-1310936.

What will the funds be used for?

Some of our fundraising priorities for this year include: 1) An expanded English Language Learning program for our incoming immigrant families; 2) A safe, functional, and beautiful schoolyard 3) Chrome books for all staff and students. Learn more about the impact that Chrome books have had at Trillium on Laura’s Donors Choose page. Learn more about the Trillium Schoolyard Project here.

Why are you asking for money? I thought Trillium was a public school.

The current funding crisis for education has been widely reported, and schools across the country are experiencing severe difficulties as a result. Trillium is no exception. What’s more, since Trillium is a charter school, our grade school receives twenty percent less funding than traditional public schools, and our high school receives five percent less.

 Every dollar counts.

Please do not be deterred by lack of funds. Additionally, there are many ways to #GiveTrillium, including volunteering, making an in-kind donation of an item on your teacher's wish list, and asking your friends and family to make a gift on your child's behalf. 

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